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Bishops under Threat: Contexts and Episcopal Strategies between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages in the West

Coloquio internacional. De la introducción por parte de los organizadores: «The late antique and the early medieval periods witnessed the flourishing and consolidation of episcopal powers in the West. The episcopate thus become an actual factual power, alongside the secular aristocracy and the rulers. This influential position exposed them to various threats, both political and religious. Our main goals in this conference are to present a typology of the different threats bishops confronted in the exercise of their episcopal ministry, to address the influence of a given political, social or religious context and, finally, to analyse the different strategies they developed to confront this situation of adversity and which allow us to understand to some extent the shaping or reinforcing of ecclesiastical hierarchies in a more effective manner.
The proposed study framework covers the late antique and the early medieval periods in the West, offering different thematic and regional case studies from Italy, Gaul, Spain and Germany, among others, with the aim of obtaining as global a view as possible. These spaces experienced the same processes of the disintegration of imperial structures, the making of new political realities and the rise of the ecclesiastical structures as vital articulators of social life. However, such phenomena occurred at different rates and according to the particularities of each territory on different scales, from regional to local, which allows a comparative exercise in which similarities and differences will be presented in a balanced way.«

Con ponencias (entre otras) de
Robert Wiśniewski (Uniwersytet Warszawski), Suffering bishop and the priests of Satan. Clerical violence and its image in late antique literature
– Kristina Sessa (The Ohio State University), Episcopal Responses to War and Warfare in Late Antiquity
Thomas Deswarte (Université d’Angers), The Bishop and the King in the Vita Sancti Ildefonsi
– Pablo C. Díaz (Universidad de Salamanca), Dumio-Braga. A Functional Duality, a Legal Anomaly
Ian Wood (University of Leeds − The British Academy), Bishops and Burgundians

del 25 al 27 de junio de 2020 – ANULADO, POSTPUESTO al 24, 25 y 26 de junio de 2021

Organisación: Pablo Poveda Arias – Sabine Panzram (Universität Hamburg – Toletum. Netzwerk zur Erforschung der Iberischen Halbinsel in der Antike / Red para la investigación sobre la Península Ibérica en la Antigüedad)
Lugar: Warburg-Haus, Heilwigstr. 116, 20249 Hamburg; Stiftung Weltweite Wissenschaft – Gästehaus der Universtät Hamburg, Rothenbaumchaussee 34, 20148 Hamburg
Programa: Bishops under Threat 06.2020