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Intensive Summer Course, Córdoba 07/2018 – The Scholars of al-Andalus: the Politics of Knowledge

De la introducción por parte de los organizadores:
“The course – this year – focuses on the scholars of al-Andalus, most especially the religious scholars (‘ulama’) but also those involved in the ‘sciences of the ancients’.  Both continuities and changes will be explored from the Umayyad to the Nasrid period, dealing also with the specific features of the Mudejar and Morisco scholarly context. Special attention will be paid to the scholarly and social practices that allowed them to relate different groups in society, from the ruling elites to the common people. The main aim of the course is to assess the state of the art and to identify which areas need to be studied or to be further explored.

Con ponencias (entre otras) de
Luis Molina Martínez / Mayte Penelas Meléndez, Network analysis of the Andalusí scholarly establishment
Xavier Ballestín Navarro, From the Cordova Caliphate to the Party Kingdoms (929-1085). Learning, Islamic sciences and power exercise in al-Andalus
Maribel Fierro Bello, The Almohad scholars: change and continuity
Alejandro García Sanjuán, How did scholars earn their lives?

 del 23 al 28 de julio de 2018

Organisación: Casa Árabe; Maribel Fierro Bello – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas; European Research Council (ERC); Kohepocu Research Project.
Lugar: Casa Árabe, c/ Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9; 14003 Córdoba

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