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Córdoba: Geschichte einer Stadt zwischen Rom und al-Andalus – 5. Sommerkurs, Córdoba 07/2024

Aus dem Ankündigungstext der Veranstalter: « (…) This V Intensive Summer Course held in Casa Árabe Cordoba will introduce English speakers to the fascinating history of Rome and al-Andalus. Specialists from different academic institutions will guide a select group of students in a series of seminar-style intensive classes throughout a week-long course.
This year, the course will focus on Córdoba’s history from the beginnings until its most glorious moment being the capital of al-Andalus under the Umayyads. Together we will explore issues related to the sources at our disposal to reconstruct such processes (including literary sources, archaeology and numismatics) and the debates regarding their interpretation.«

Mit Beiträgen (u.a.) von
J.L. Domínguez Jiménez (Universidad de Córdoba) – M. González Nieto (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), From Rome to al-Andalus:
archeaology of roads from Córdoba and Qurtuba to the Northwest and the Meseta

Pieter Houten (Universität Hamburg – University of Nottingham), Corduba caput provinciae: a centre for Latinization?
M. Bermúdez Lorenzo (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Madrid), Roman Economy in Imperial Times: the olive oil of the Baetica, a case study
Rafael Blanco Guzman (Universidad de Córdoba), Archaeological Workshop: The urban development of Islamic Córdoba
J.C. Carvajal (Instituto de Ciencias del Patrimonio, CSIC Santiago de
Compostela), The Martyrs of Cordoba and Islamic archaeology
Maribel Fierro (CSIC Madrid), Knowledge and power: the Muslim scholars of Córdoba

22. bis 26. Juli 2024

Organisation: Casa Árabe; Sabine Panzram (Universität Hamburg – RomanIslam. Center for Comparative Empire and Transcultural Studies) Alejandro García Sanjuán (Universidad de Huelva)
Veranstaltungsort: Casa Árabe Córdoba, c/ Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9; 14003 Córdoba

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