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Das Studium der Manuskipte in Spanien: die Forschergruppe MEDhis

Aus dem Ankündigungstext der Veranstalter: „MEDhis is a consortium of scholars in the field of Mediterranean studies whose research centers on the social, cultural, artistic, and archaeological analysis of Western Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Byzantine interaction in medieval and early modern times, and in which the Mediterranean is accorded its widest possible geographic definition.
MEDhis is particularly interested in methodological and historiographical concerns related to all forms of exchange and its dynamics within the Mediterranean, the transmission of knowledge in the formation and transformation of its political, ideological and aesthetic languages, the role of institutions in the development of societies, and the agency of artifacts in religious, political, social, and economic contexts (more information on MEDhis). In this Workshop, MEDhis members will present their present projects of research related to the study of written artefacts in the Iberian Peninsula.“

Mit Beiträgen u.a. von
Mercedes García-Arenal
(ILC-CSIC), The Qur´an in Western Culture: The ERC Synergy Project The European Qur’an
– Jan Thiele (ILC-CSIC), Textual Artefacts of Ashʿarite Scholarship in the Islamic West
– Maribel Fierro, The Best Sellers from al-Andalus (Muslim Iberia)
– Therese Martin (IH-CSIC), Treasured History: Latin and Arabic Inscriptions on Luxury Objects at San Isidoro de León
– Julio Escalona – Cristina Jular (IH-CSIC), Order and Meaning (I): Exploring the Rationales of Medieval Cartularies
– Alvaro Carvajal Castro, Laying hands on script: local charter-making as social performance in early medieval Iberia

20. bis 21. Juni 2019

Organisation: Maribel Fierro (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Madrid – Instituto de Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas del Mediterráneo y Oriente Próximo
Veranstaltungsort: Center for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Universität Hamburg, Warburgstraße 26/R. 0001, D-20354 Hamburg
Programm: MEDhis 06.2019