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Intensive Summer Course: Al-Andalus, Problems and Perspectives

Al-Andalus 07.2016Aus dem Ankündigungstext der Veranstalter:
“(…) 2016 is the 1300 anniversary of Cordoba as capital of al-Andalus. In 716 al-Hurr, the governor (wali) of al-Andalus -a province of the Damascene Umayyad caliphate- moved the administrative capital from Seville to Cordoba, then becoming the political, economic and cultural center of Muslim Iberia. The anniversary is a special moment to revisit the history of the town in its changing political contexts, urban development and intellectual achievements.
The course will explore the political, social and economic aspects of the history of al-Andalus, examine the intellectual and artistic developments and achievements that the civilization of al-Andalus reached, and look at its various contemporary meanings and legacies. Students will be familiarized with various types of sources, textual and material remains, and the relevant scholarship in order to reach a better understanding of al-Andalus.

Mit Beiträgen u.a. von
Alejandro García Sanjuán, The conquest: sources and studies
Eduardo Manzano Moreno, Power and authority in the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba
Antonio Almagro Gorbea, The Gardens of al-AndalusCasa Árabe
Antonio Vallejo Triano, Residential and administrative architecture during the Umayyad caliphate in al-Andalus and its political representation

 25. bis 30. Juli 2016

Organisation: Casa Árabe; Maribel Fierro Bello – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas; European Research Council (ERC); Kohepocu Research Project.
Veranstaltungsort: Casa Árabe, c/ Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9; 14003 Córdoba

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