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1st EPNet Workshop. Production and Distribution of Food during the Roman Empire: Economic and Political Dynamics

EP-NETDas ERC-Advanced Grant Projekt EPNet, das José Remesal Rodríguez, Leiter der Forschungsgruppe CEIPAC an der Universidad de Barcelona, im Jahre 2014 bewilligt worden ist, veranstaltet seinen 1. Internationalen Workshop!

Aus dem Ankündigungstext der Veranstalter:  „(…) The EPNet research team is focused on studying the Roman Empire economic system organisation and trade network by re-analysing existing empirical data through complex network analysis, model building, and computer simulation technologies. The objective is to create an interdisciplinary experimental laboratory for the exploration, validation and falsification of existing theories, and hopefully for the formulation of new ones.
This first EPNet international workshop aims in particular at identifying a common conceptual framework in order to discuss how quantitative methods and semantic-based data management techniques can improve the understanding of Roman epigraphic data. (…).”

2. bis 3. Juli 2015

Mit Beiträgen in den folgenden Sektionen u.a. vonEP-NET
Theories on Roman Economy and Trade
The efficiency of riverine trade routes and sea-routes in the Roman Empire, Christoph Schäfer
Maritime Infrastructure. Between Public and Private Initiative, Pascal Arnaud
Knowledge Representation and Semantic Data Management for Humanities Ontology-Based Integration of data about the Roman Empire, Martin Rezk
Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Xavier Rubio
Network Generation and Interpretation of Complex Systems
Looking to the Past to better understand dynamics on & of complex networks, Sergi Lozano
Black Boxes, Probabilities and Perfect Data: How (not) to provide insights into past social networks through archaeology, Angus Mol  

Veranstaltungsort: Universitat de Barcelona, Facultat de Geografia i Història, Carrer de Montalegre, 6 – Sala Gran, 08001 Barcelona
Organisation: José Remesal (CEIPAC, UB); Albert Díaz-Guilera (PhysComp2, UB); Alessandro Mosca (SIRIS Academic); Xavier Rubio (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
Programm: EPNet Workshop 07.2015 (pdf)